Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No one is desperately seeking Joe Biden

IPBiz previously noted that Barack Obama correctly foresaw that Joe Biden's past plagiarism was not going to be a big issue in 2008. The problem is that nobody seems to care much about Biden at all -->

Sarah Palin ranked first in political search terms in a recent measurement of Web political usage. The second highest search term was Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, with 1.93 percent of political searches. The candidate’s last name alone ranked fourth in search requests. “John McCain” ranked fifth and “McCain” ranked 10th in the top political search terms list. Biden, who was named as Obama’s running mate on Aug. 23, didn’t rank in the list of political search terms, nor was he listed on the list of top 10 presidential candidate search terms. [from foxnews]

Thus, for the few academics that care about plagiarism, it isn't that the population is ignoring the past message about plagiarism, they simply don't have much interest in Joe Biden. Of course, the Poshard saga pretty much showed that the population doesn't really care about plagiarism. Although University of Virginia professors on-board "Semester at Sea" outside the US closely monitor alleged plagiarism incidents, that's about it.

From the past IPBiz post Biden plagiarism a non-issue?:

IPBiz notes that, since the first Saturday, traffic on such searches is not high. Thus, the Obama team correctly predicted that these past events would not be showstoppers.

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