Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nasty thesis plagiarism problem at Bangalore University

ExpressBuzz has a report including the text:

After receiving a number of complaints against Dr Venkataramappa for plagiarism, under the guidance of Dr B C Mylarappa, who was then a Professor at Department of Sociology, Bangalore University, Governor T N Chaturvedi had constituted an inquiry committee headed by retired IAS officer K V Irniraya. His guide Dr Mylarappa was suspended from service as per the High Court order issued in 2007. Although Dr Venkataramappa was equally involved in the crime, his doctorate degree was not withdrawn.

Yes, it does seem to say the thesis advisor was suspended but the plagiarized thesis was NOT withdrawn.

Hmmm, that kind of approach would have altered the outcome of the Poshard matter at SIU...


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