Thursday, September 25, 2008

More on WSJ piece on Intellectual Ventures

Erick Schonfeld, not known for wisdom in the area of patents (see More confusion on patent reform? and
TechCrunch wrong on reform
), commented on 17 Sept 08 about the WSJ article on Intellectual Ventures and observed:

It is a virtuous cycle. Intellectual Ventures recently closed a $1.5 billion patent fund, and is now raising another $2.5 billion one. And copycat companies like RPX Corporation (headed up by a former Intellectual Ventures executive and backed by Kleiner Perkins and Charles River Ventures) are beginning to pop up.

But like I said: Don’t get mad at Myhrvold and his ilk for capitalizing on a broken patent system. Instead, we should fix the patent system so that it rewards invention over litigation.

Whether RPX is a copycat of Intellectual Ventures remains to be seen. Further, Intellectual Ventures, as a factual matter, has not litigated against anyone (yet).

See also the 16 Sept 08 post WSJ discusses Intellectual Ventures, Myhrvold



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