Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More on the dog clone wars

Text in the Korea Times suggests the dog clone wars might be argued in terms of a theory in which the earlier Roslin patent claims encompass the scope of the later SNU claims:

However, BioArts claim that the Roslin patents are "foundational" patents and that the SNU patent could only be an "improvement," which needs the rights to the underlying foundational technology to avoid infringement.

Although a massive amount of ink and electrons will be used to cover the legal battle between Start Licensing and RNL, it remains debatable whether dog cloning is a market worth fighting for.

Lou Hawthorne, the chief executive of BioArts, who believes the dog cloning industry could eventually be worth a ``few hundred million dollars,'' said the international dispute over the patent rights has brought larger uncertainties to the market.

BioArts is currently working to diversify its business, looking to strengthen its presence in the fields of genetic testing, molecular diagnostics and stem cell research.

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