Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Intel folks did NOT invent the term "patent troll"

One IPBiz reader made comments about three different posts-->

On the Obama use of the Toles cartoon material, looks like Obama did give credit in an interview on MSNBC on Sept. 8th:

On a much more stale item (from an August 29 post in your blog), I find it funny that no one seems to be able to give proper credit to the person who actually was the first to use the term "patent troll." It looks to me like it wasn't someone at Intel in the late 1990s time frame. At least one person, Paula Chavez, appears to have a "priority date" in 1994 for using the term in "The Patents Video" - I'm not saying this was the first use of the phrase "patent troll" but it sure pre-dates the Intel story.

Q. Todd is back on the USPTO roster - he must have seen your blog!

One notes there is no traction on the Toles cartoon matter (see
Obama plagiarizes political cartoon?
) and no traction on Joe Biden's past plagiarism. The only person who walked the plank on plagiarism was Allison Routman.


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