Monday, September 01, 2008

The dog clone wars

IPBiz wrote about the dog clone wars, and the IHT observed the following:

The high-stakes battle pits South Korea's best-known cloning experts against each other: One is Hwang Woo Suk, a disgraced scientist now being tried on allegations of fraud for having faked research saying he had created human embryonic stem cells through cloning. The other is his estranged protégé, Lee Byeong Chun, who also has been indicted on fraud charges.

IPBiz notes the following from the Timesonline:

Wouldn’t you just know that the world centre of excellence for dog cloning is South Korea. Of course it is. Where else would it be, in a world that patently works as a manga version of Grimm’s fairy tales? Naturally, the Koreans clone dogs. They have two laboratories competing to corner the market in copycat dogs. One is led by Hwang Woo-suk (the h is silent), a disgraced scientist who’s been tried for fraud, the other by his protegé, Lee Byeong-chun, who has, surprise, surprise, also been accused of fraud. It’s plainly obvious that clones breed clones and that fraud breeds fraud and, anyway, what else would cloners be guilty of except duplicity. Apparently, the Roslin Institute in Scotland is pissed off at the Koreans for cloning their patented cloning technology. “No. You do sheep. We do dog. Scot person eat disgusting haggis from sheep arse. Korean eat yummy dog. You sod off back to fat-battered Gorbals and take your sporran with you.”


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