Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kanzius declines UPMC offer

A July 30 piece in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had text relating to the radiofrequency cancer treatment machine of John Kanzius [of Erie and Sanibel]:

Mr. Kanzius said UPMC discussed forming a partnership with him and indicated interest in taking control of the project at medical center expense to take the research into commercialization.

But Mr. Kanzius said M.D. Anderson's involvement, along with more recent interest in various other universities that are developing cancer targeting molecules, prompted him to decline the offer.

"[UPMC] wanted to go all the way with this," he said. "While it sounded very attractive, after pondering it for several weeks, I've decided not to go that route.

"I just want to be in a position to be flexible," Mr. Kanzius said.

Courtney McCrimmon, UPMC spokeswoman, said the center held preliminary discussions with Mr. Kanzius about commercializing the technology. "We remain eager to work with him to advance this potentially life-saving research," she said.

Neither Mr. Rendell nor his spokesman could be reached for comment on Mr. Kanzius' decision.


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