Sunday, August 10, 2008

Greatest plagiarism scandal in the annals of American journalism?

An article in the Houston Chronicle has the following text:

"In purely statistical terms, do the articles in the Montgomery County Bulletin amount to the greatest plagiarism scandal in the annals of American journalism?" Slate music critic Jody Rosen asked in an article Wednesday that has drawn attention on the Web.

Hmmm, the "greatest plagiarism scandal"? We have the various incidents at Harvard University, but that's academics, not journalism (or maybe it was "journalism" and not academics); tough call.

Of music critics, one has to recall a certain "music copying" incident that music critics didn't perceive. Is a music critic the best judge of plagiarism? Maybe not.

From an earlier IPBiz post [
Boston Globe duped by music hoax?

The Register notes Gramophone magazine has unearthed what one sound recording expert describes as "the biggest attempt at recording theft ever." Of the "villain" (Joyce Hatto), the Boston Globe had described her as "the greatest living pianist that almost no one has heard of". In a statement destined to haunt the Globe, a Globe critic wrote: "Best of all is her musical imagination, which finds original things to say about the most familiar music."


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