Saturday, August 09, 2008

Electrochemical capacitors

Reference 3 of an article "Electrochemical Capacitors for Energy Management" (321 Science 651) is to a paper by Ian Raistrick, who was a postdoc in the lab where LBE obtained his Ph.D. The 2008 article notes:

Although lithium-ion batteries have advanced greatly in recent years, they still required 3 to 5 minutes for charging, versus about 1 sec for an EC.

The article also states that the RuO2 pseudocapacitor has the highest specific capacitance (about 1000 F/g) in the class.

Of history, the article notes ECs first appeared on the market in 1978 as farad-sized devices to provide computer memory backup power. LBE notes that said application was mentioned to justify Exxon's work on Li-TiS2 in the 1970s.

Page 620 of the 1 Aug 08 Science has an article "New catalyst marks major step in the march toward hydrogen fuel" (describing work by Daniel Nocera at MIT. Thomas Moore is quoted: "It's a big-to-giant step." Bob Park savaged the Nocera work on WN.

Park noted:

MIT chemist Daniel Nocera said last week in Science online that he has the solution: "artificial photosynthesis." Did he invent artificial photosynthesis, you ask? Not exactly, evolution "invented" photosynthesis. Nocera isn't about synthesizing anything; he wants to break up water using electric power from solar cells. So he invented solar cells? No, other people did that. Nocera wants to use solar cells to do electrolysis. Nocera invented electrolysis? Not quite, that was invented by Lavosier before his beheading in 1794; Nocera found a catalyst that he says does electrolysis better. Does it? We don't know; it hasn't been replicated. MIT says it's a "major discovery."

Of the quote in Science attributed to Moore, recall an earlier quote attributed to Robert Cava, concerning what would become the fraudulent research of Jan Hendrik Schon:

"The implications of this work are gigantic," said Robert Cava of Princeton University.

IPBiz notes the implications of the work were gigantic, though not in the sense meant by Cava. They were so gigantic that Alcatel/Bell Labs removed its copy of the Beasley report on the Schon fraud from the internet.

Vestiges of the Schon fraud in solid state physics

Separately, note that one of Schon's co-authors, Bertram Batlogg, is
a highly cited author.


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