Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tornado video doctored?

AP reported on July 10: The Associated Press and video services operated by CBS and NBC have pulled video allegedly taken of a tornado in Nebraska last weekend after questions were raised about its authenticity.

Lest we forget, one of the frauds in the Hwang Woo Suk affair on stem cells and SCNT was the use of pictures which were not what they were purported to be. After Science initially said it was a mere mix-up, it became apparent that there were other problems, and the work was retracted. In the year 2008, no scientist has accomplished what Hwang claimed, and reviewers accepted, in 2005.

In both the tornado matter and the Hwang matter, it was information from third parties that brought the fraud to light. AP reported of the tornado matter:

Yet on Tuesday, a person who asked that his name not be used contacted the AP and said the supposed Nebraska footage was really video he had taken four years ago. The image was "flipped" to make it seem the tornado was pointed in another direction, and the action sped up. The Nebraska images add power lines and subtracts trees that were in the Kansas pictures.


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