Saturday, July 12, 2008

Plagiarism flap comes to central New Jersey!

An article by Martin Bricketto noted:

Parent Margaret Millar raised allegations of plagiarism against [Branchburg schools Superintendent Kenneth ] Knops during the public session of a June 12 meeting of the Branchburg school board.

"Plagiarizing is a big issue in my workplace and in our daily lives because it indicates the type of person you are," Millar said.

Branchburg, New Jersey is adjacent to Bridgewater in central New Jersey.

The issue is that text from the superintendent celebrating Thanksgiving, Mother's Day or other holidays contains words almost identical to those in other sources, without attribution.

Query: was Abraham Lincoln's "house divided" speech plagiarized? He copied from the Bible, rather than Sen. Robert C. Byrd. One further wonders if anyone around here is clued into the Poshard matter at SIU, wherein the current president of SIU copied passages from others, without attribution, into his Ph.D. thesis, and lived to tell about it in his "workplace."

And recall the various viewpoints in the PALY High matter -->

[As an aside, the Home News was involved in the collateral damage business of the San Filippo/Rutgers affair, but how many people remember that one?]

See also
Parent levels plagiarism charge in Branchburg:

Knops did not answer questions e-mailed to him from the Courier News of Bridgewater.


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