Saturday, July 12, 2008


A piece by CLARK HOYT in the New York Times discusses the divergence in reported details among newspapers describing the Jackson/Obama matter.

While interesting, it's hardly the biggest problem of the New York Times.

Note of Tribune Co.:

Tribune Co. is cutting costs to offset declines in advertising and circulation revenue that have sharpened this year for most newspapers in the United States.


Tribune Co. Chief Operating Officer Randy Michaels told lenders on a conference call last month that the company can save a lot of money by trimming staff and "rightsizing" its newspapers. Michaels said Tribune executives were evaluating the productivity of individual journalists with an eye toward cutbacks


In a press release, Kern said he is "confident" the Tribune's "long history of innovation in the face of change" will help the paper adjust to the changing industry.


Ad sales drop 16.4% at New York Times

Broadcast News: Plagiarism at its Finest


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