Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nintendo sued for patent infringement again

Yahoo Games reports:

John R. Martin has filed a complaint [against Nintendo] alleging that he owns the patent on the system's lauded touch screen. While the patent was updated in August of 2005 -- a full six months after Nintendo launched the DS -- it was originally filed a decade earlier in 1995.

Yahoo in turn cites to gamepolitics which includes a copy of US Patent 6,926,609, which is a continuation of US Patent 5,618,232.

Claim 1 of the '609 patent is in Jepson format ("the improvement comprising"). Note the book The Complete Patent Kit: What Every Inventor Needs to Know By James L. Rogers states: most patent practitioners do not use Jepson claims.

The case seems to be in ND Illinois (Judge Kocoras; 08 C 1398).

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