Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Conflicts of interest at Harvard Medical School?

The 27 June 08 Science has an article which begins:

"Senate investigators began poking around academic medical centers last summer, looking for information on who was receiving corporate money and who was reporting it in compliance with conflict-of-interest rules. (...) congressional sleuths allege that three faculty psychiatrists [at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital] failed to properly report hundreds of thousands of outside income."

[320 Science 1708]

On the facing page is a report of a deal between California's CIRM and Canada's newly formed Cancer Stem Cell Consortium.

On page 1716, in an article on phylogenomics (Jonathan Eisen) one has a picture of a blue and gold macaw.

On page 1727, one has "Himalaya--Carbon Sink or Source?", which gets into carbonate/bicarbonate things.


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