Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"The War at the Shore": Sikahema v. Canseco

Philly's channel 10 is pulling out all the stops in plugging "The War at the Shore" between Jose Canseco and Channel 10's Vai Sikahema. Channel 10 had both on the news at 5:50pm on June 3.

Canseco, who does look more youthful than Sikahema, made some cracks like "I'm going to hit him once..." and "I get to hit somebody and not go to jail." Canseco has not mastered Vai's name yet: "They're going to root for Sy."

Vai made a crack that Jose was going to shoot HGH into his chin.

At 6:07pm, Vai gave an interview on Channel 10. Canseco's soft. Vai discussed some barbeque sauce. "Bundle of carrots" by Ali; marinate Jose's ribs with barbeque sauce.

Here's the thing: I'm short but I'm not small. Eye of the tiger. Philadelphia guys. See nbc10.com and look at Vai's picture.

Tickets start at $60.


Sikahema won.

The Daily News reported: Asked after the fight if there were any surprises, Sikahema said, "That it didn't finish in the first 30 seconds."


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