Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ramblings in Science

Within the 20 June 08 issue of Science (volume 320):

Australian's minister of science, Kim Carr, was a history teacher at a technical school and has no background in science.
Carr: "There is the expectation among universities that business is there to be plundered, that is, that industr will fund whatever we say. And there is the view in some sectors of business that universities are there simply to do the research that companies won't do themselves and that scientists should be at the direction of the private firm. (...) We are also looking at [ways] to get universities to take more responsibility for what they do with the money they receive from the government." [p. 1576]

Page 1584 discusses a membrane by Balu Balachandran at Argonne to make ethylene. The membrane comprises palladium and yttria-stabilized zirconia.

Page 1585 gives an account of work from Steven Novack of Idaho National Lab on harvesting solar IR photons for use in solar cells.

Page 1593 has "The MPG Illusion" by Richard P. Larrick and Jack B. Soll.

In "How Bacteria Change Gear," Richard M. Berry and Judith P. Armitage discuss biofilms, slimy carpets a fraction of a millimeter thick [page 1599]. They reference work on page 1636 by Kris M. Blair on Bacillus subtilis, which in turn cites work by Kolter and Greenberg, 441 Nature 300 (2006).


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