Friday, June 06, 2008

Patents play big role in "clean technology"

from CNNMoney ( Clean Technology Intellectual-Property Claims On The Rise ):

[Bob] O'Connor said intellectual-property litigation will become the most prevalent in whatever clean-technology sectors have the most capital investment, as companies seek to protect those investments. But the real push for intellectual- property protection has yet to come, he said.

"Many of these companies are still sitting on the sidelines to see who the winners and losers are going to be before we see the litigation really start arising," O'Connor said. "Having said that, these companies value IP protection just as much, if not more than any traditional technology company."

One also has:

"Once the technology is patent-protected by one company or another, patent disputes erupt as to who developed or created the technology first," he [Brian C. Yerger] said.

IPBiz notes, perhaps we should ask Alexander Graham Bell, or the Wright Brothers.


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