Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Legal doings at Pfizer

Further to the demise of Pfizer's chief patent person, Alan Hesketh, over child pornography, the pharma log blog has some other items in a post, Rumors, innuendo, criminal charges and changes inside Pfizer Inc's legal department, which has some suggestions about a link to the Spitzer/prostitution thing.

IPBiz was more interested in the blog's mention of "superlawyer" Amy Schulman, otherwise mentioned in a WSJ:

If Amy Schulman’s schedule as a product liability litigator at DLA was cramped, it probably won’t be any less busy in her next gig. Pfizer has announced that, effective next month, Schulman, 47, will replace Allen Waxman, who left in March for personal reasons according to the firm, as the pharma company’s new GC. The WSJ’s Nathan Koppel has the story.

Schulman, who in addition to defending Pfizer against lawsuits over Celebrex and Bextra, has rep’d GE and Altria Group, among other companies, and made a pretty penny doing it. Last year at DLA, one of the largest law firms in the world, she pulled down $5.75 million. Pfizer didn’t say what her pay would be.

Separately, Schulman writes:

I get around 600 e-mails a day. I divide them into four categories, and I deal with them immediately, by and large. First are e- mails that I forward to someone else. Next are where somebody's giving me information that I need to cascade to somebody else with instructions. Third are the ones that I can read later on an airplane. Fourth are those that require me to respond immediately.


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