Monday, June 16, 2008

The "Indian Option" for Outsourcing IP Work

The InventBlog on 12 June noted:

Perhaps that is what I didn’t get about “outsourcing.” It isn’t about the price (which in this case was competitive with what I was paying in the US). It isn’t about quality (the quality I can get from US searchers is fine). It’s about speed. Perhaps you can have “cheap, fast and good,” instead of just two of the three.

Over the past couple of months (after having them sign a confidentiality agreement), I have sent LawScribe a number of searches (both trademarks and patents). Each time, I have been impressed with the quality of work and the quick turn around. Based on my experience, I’m now at the point where I propose the Indian option to most of my clients when they ask me to perform a search. Surprisingly, every patent client I’ve proposed it to as an option (same price, same quality, but weeks faster) has chosen the India route. Perhaps our (lawyers’) belief that clients don’t want outsourcing is unjustified.

In passing, IPBiz notes that the price of GE stock is at a local minimum.


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