Monday, June 09, 2008

Coalition for Patent Fairness member HP settles with Acer

In March 2007, HP sued Acer for patent infringement, planning to keep the Taiwan firm from selling some products in the United States. In July 2007, Acer sued HP. One June 8, 2008, HP announced it had settled with Acer, with the settlement agreement resolving all claims asserted in three federal court lawsuits and two U.S. International Trade Commission [ITC] investigations between the parties.

Those interested in the venue provisions of patent reform should note that HP's initial suit against Acer was in the "patentee-friendly" Eastern District of Texas (ED Tex). The IHT reported: In March 2007 HP filed a lawsuit with the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas alleging that Acer had violated five patents covering technologies that included DVD editing, managing power consumption in portable computers and ways to use multiple microprocessor chips. Once again, the Coalition for Patent Fairness amounts to "do as I say, not as I do" proposition. Congressman Berman and Senator Leahy (S.1145) should take note.

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