Sunday, June 01, 2008

CBS Sunday Morning on RFK

CBS Sunday Morning led off June 1 with a Jeff Greenfield story about Robert Kennedy. A few points of trivia not discussed.

RFK grew up in Bronxville, New York, and attended Bronxville School, the public school in Bronxville from 3rd through 5th grade.

In the 1950's, Kennedy worked for Senator Joseph McCarthy [assistant counsel of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations ] although McCarthy hired Roy Cohn as his chief counsel, choosing him over Robert Kennedy.

In 1964, Kennedy beat incumbent Republican Senator Kenneth Keating. Before the Cuban Missile Crisis, Senator Keating accused the Soviets and Cuba of placing missiles in Cuba, and urged President Kennedy to take action, which caused embarrassment to President Kennedy and AG Kennedy.

In 1968, Kennedy's victory in the California primary was over anti-war candidate, Senator Eugene McCarthy.


Separately, on 27 May 2008, NBC Nightly News discussed GM's electric car, the Volt. GM discussed the piece:

Considering the current national gas and oil price crisis, media outlets can’t seem to discuss the topic enough. This has led to a break for GM and the Chevy Volt. As readers here have pointed out, the Volt was featured on a segment on tonight’s broadcast of the NBC Nightly news.

Neilson ratings suggests that the audience for this broadcast is roughly 8 to 9 million viewers.
The segment kept the message clear with a little stock footage and an interview with GM exec Robert Kruse.

Those 8 to 9 million viewers were probably quite depressed with the beginning of the NBC May 27 newscast, which mentioned 55% of American's income is directed to essentials [Brian Williams made a side comment "That says it all," which may have been one of the more insightful comments the non-college grad ever made on Nightly News]. Gas was quoted at $3.94 per gallon, and the Volt piece asserted that one could go 40 miles for 80 cents worth of electricity. Nightly News referred to the lithium battery of the Volt as an "enormous cell phone battery." The cost of the car was not explicitly stated, although the number $45K came up.


note "The Comeback Id" on Clinton by TODD S. PURDUM and the use of the word --venial--.


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