Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tafas v. Dudas: May 5 and May 7

Patent Docs noted on May 7 that a notice to appeal had been filed in Tafas v. Dudas, on the USPTO's rules on continuing applications. Also, on May 7, Patently-O reported: The Patent Office has filed a notice of appeal in the case of Tafas v. Dudas.

from a 7 May 2008 IPFrontline post on Tafas v. Dudas:

Tafas v. Dudas: With an appeal due by June 1, 2008, Peterlin had no announcement whether the PTO would proceed with an appeal.

IPFrontline was covering an address by Margaret Peterlin on 5 May 2008, which indeed gave no hint of the appeal which would be filed on May 7. [ManagingIP: "No announcement has yet been made..."]. What a difference a day makes!


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