Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Solar cells for iPhone

PhonesReview evaluates Apple's application and asks: has Apple filed a good enough patent [application]?

See for example, published application 20080094025, Solar cells on portable devices.

The Des Moines Register notes: Des Moines-based Aviva USA received a patent last week for a process the life insurance company uses to assess and reduce risk involved with indexed universal life insurance products.

OriginOil has a patent application: "Apparatus and Method for Optimizing Photosynthetic Growth in a Photo Bioreactor." This is related to OriginOil's Helix BioReactorâ„¢.

Separately, see Bayless application, 20070264708.

Separately, see 20080107652, Methods and compositions for control of disease in aquaculture, first claim, A paratransgenic method for prevention, amelioration or treatment of a disease or disorder in an aquatic animal comprising: i) providing a genetically modified micro algae that expresses one or more recombinant molecules that specifically target one or more key epitopes of a pathogen that infects the aquatic animal and ii) feeding the aquatic animal directly or indirectly with the genetically modified micro algae. [including cyanobacteria]


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