Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Ethanol Boom Heralds Changes in Brazil"

The 29 May 08 issue of "The Epoch Times" sub-leads with "For sugar cane growers, old customs may fade away was world demand [for ethanol] rises."

The article notes that Brazil's largest sugar/ethanol group [Cosan] bought some Exxon/Mobil assets in April 2008. Though the article is not explicit, it suggests that these assets might be related to fuel distribution.

The article also notes that BP bought half of Tropical Energia SA, which is a joint venture between Santelisa Vale and Maeda.
Santelisa Vale itself was created through a merger of Santa Elisa and Vale do Rosario. Goldman Sachs owns a minority stake, as does Brazil's development bank BNDESPar.

The article also mentioned ethanol dehydration plants of Coimex and Crystalsev.

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