Thursday, May 01, 2008

Accused plagiarist Pukas gets reprimand

KIRA GOLDENBERG of theday wrote:

The Board of Education late Wednesday [April 30] reprimanded Superintendent of Schools Natalie J. Pukas for allegedly plagiarizing a document distributed to the board in February.

In a press release issued around midnight after a marathon executive session, the board announced the reprimand and said it considers the matter closed. It urged the community to move on.

Also released was a written apology signed by Pukas addressed to board Chairman Darren Robert in which she stated, “I realize that offering the Board of Education an unattributed draft was an error in judgment. I apologize to you and to the members of the Board of Education for this misunderstanding. However, it was never my intent to deceive the board, nor would I ever plagiarize.”


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