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Stahl's "60 Minutes" piece on Kanzius: patents and conflict matters?

Although the Lesley Stahl "60 Minutes" piece on the Kanzius machine to treat cancer did mention the topic of patents, the piece did not mention that doctors are among the listed inventors. For example, in


-->we have Michael J. KEATING, 5754 Stillbrook Lane, Houston, Texas 77096 [Note that the mdanderson site mentions Keating in a 2004 post but separately discusses radiofrequency ablation work of S. Eva Singletary:

One of her ongoing clinical studies involves using high frequency
radio waves (radiofrequency ablation) to destroy small invasive breast
tumors without surgery. She is editor-in-chief of Breast Diseases and
editor of the breast sections for Annals of Surgical Oncology and the
journal Cancer.

--> we have William H. Steinbrink, 1608 South Shore Drive, Erie, Pennsylvania 16505

--> we have Robert J. McDonald, 821 Sand Dollar Drive, Sanibel, Florida 33957 [from ArizonaSports: One of them, Dr. Robert J. McDonald, director of nuclear medicine at the Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center in Fort Myers, Fla., said the invention was "absolutely amazing" and "pretty incredible."]

Although Lesley Stahl made it appear that Kanzius would be content if the invention were stolen [see videoclip available on yahoo captioned John Kanzius doesn't mind if someone steals his idea ], Stahl might have discussed how the three above-noted doctors have a financial interest in the success of the invention. Stahl of course did not even mention that the doctors are listed co-inventors on patent applications.

Most internet traffic on the Lesley Stahl piece was favorable. One exception is a University of Minnesota blog piece (by Gary Schwitzer) titled:
60 MINUTES PIECE ON KANZIUS CANCER CURE NOT WORTH 60 SECONDS. This post in turn cites to an unfavorable report from healthnewsreview.

Neither of these touch on the science fraud being perpetrated in the copper sulfate in the hot dog clip. IPBiz has discussed that.

Lesley Stahl duped on "60 Minutes" on 13 April 2008

Fool born every minute? Lesley Stahl's shameful piece on Kanzius.

People who are impacted by dread diseases such as cancer are looking for hope. It is a shame to exploit them.

Merely for general interest:

Text related to "60 Minutes": The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?

DAVID BRUCE at goerie has information in Kanzius’ waves of change . Of Bruce's text:

[Steven] Curley is reluctant to talk about the progress he and his team are having. He has submitted results to a major medical journal and is under an embargo until it is published.

"I can't jeopardize that," Curley said. "A colleague of mine at another institution talked about his project with a local television station and the journal sent back his paper without publishing it. It put their project way behind. We can't afford that."

IPBiz notes that if the embargo issue is in effect, then (likely) Curley's paper has been accepted. [depends on how accurately one is using the term embargo] Further, IPBiz wonders if Curley disclosed the patent aspects of the work to the journal.

Bruce's text --He [Kanzius] showed the device to Michael Keating, his leukemia physician at M.D. Anderson.-- might (possibly) raise some inventorship issues.

Bruce gives some detail on some of the people involved.

Separately, video clips of the Stahl piece are available on yahoo.

Of the PCT application [PCT/US2005/016071; publication no. WO/2005/118065 ], the filing date was May 9, 2005, the application was published December 15, 2005, and a written opinion was put out on July 11, 2006.

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