Monday, April 07, 2008

Politico missing points on patent reform?

In "Patent reform contest heads to Senate floor," Chris Frates writes:

“Patent reform is coming to the floor,” said a Judiciary Committee aide. “It’s going to happen.”
Similar legislation, already approved by the House, would create a new process for challenging patents and could ease the penalties for infringement.

The best text, however, was

For instance, Cisco chief executive John Chambers has been active on lobbying the issue, and the coalition has encouraged the tech company’s employees and executives from around the country to contact their senators, Isakowitz said.

Frates forgot to mention that Rick Frenkel, IP Director at Cisco, wrote, anonymously, the patent troll tracker blog. Perhaps that's what Frates mean by "contacting their senators."

Chambers was also quoted: “We are optimistic about the bill’s prospects. We think we have momentum. When the majority leader says you have floor time and all the key members on the Judiciary Committee are meeting to discuss your issue, I’d always rather be in that position.”

Frates forgot to mention that labor unions, who give more to Democrats than IT companies, are against the bill.

Frates also forgot to mention Cisco's funding Lemley's research in 85 Tex. L. Rev. 1991 (2007) [Frontiers of Intellectual Property: Patent Holdup and Royalty Stacking], which acknowledges the research for which was funded by Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Intel, Micron Technology, Microsoft, and SAP. Gobble, gobble.

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