Monday, April 07, 2008

New Look for journal Science on 28 March 2008

The March 28 issue of the journal Science sports a new type of printing of the word "Science" and a generally livelier cover.

Page 1745 has an article "Study Fingers Soot as Major Player in Global Warming," which notes the report of the IPCC may seriously underestimate black carbon's role in global warming.

The impact on warming for black carbon had been taken as 0.2 to 0.4 W / m2, less than 1.66 of CO2.

Although the Science article lumped soot from diesel engines with soot from cooking fires, one should note that all "black carbon" is NOT the same.

Page 1776 discusses the doping of nanocrystals.

In his editorial at page 1733, Bruce Alberts writes: "scientists still know only a small fraction of what is needed to understand even the simplest bacterial cell."

Page 1735 talks about the significance of flat lesions as a cause of colon cancer.

Page 1741 notes that, in a survey for Americans to list a role model scientist conducted by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Bill Gates and Al Gore got 6% each, about the same as Einstein.

Page 1746 talks about "smart birds," but doesn't mention macaws, or members of the parrot family.

Of relevance to patents, and the patent incentive, pages 1750-2 (Science by the Masses) discusses Prize4Life, and the concept of using prizes to incentive-ize.
InnoCentive is mentioned.


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