Friday, April 04, 2008

Microsoft whacked with $367.4 million infringement verdict

AP reports: A jury in San Diego on April 4 ordered Microsoft Corp. to pay $367.4 million to Alcatel-Lucent for infringing on two patents, a decision the software maker vowed to appeal.

There are many related actions. AP also reported: One of the remaining trials is scheduled to begin April 22 in San Diego. At that time, Microsoft said it will also make nine of its own patent claims against Alcatel-Lucent.

See also Microsoft loses to Alcatel/Lucent.

Recall that Microsoft provided research funding for Stanford professor Mark Lemley's Frontiers of Intellectual Property: Patent Holdup and Royalty Stacking [85 Tex. L. Rev. 1991 (2007) ]-->

We are grateful to Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Intel, Micron Technology, Microsoft, and SAP for funding the research reported in this Article.

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The chameleon-like nature of positions of IP professors

Of Microsoft, recall text from a 2004 post: This leads to the Microsoft phenomenon, which I have heard stated thusly, "If Microsoft understands an idea, it thinks it invented it."

A different commenter used the "rubberstamp" imagery years before Lemley did: USPTO Not a Rubberstamp Court

See the post on Patent Assassins Blog: Avistar’s Tale: Microsoft Shows Its Dark Side


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