Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania on patent reform

A McClatchy story noted:

Scott Spinucci, of Wilkes-Barre, who works locally and in New York City, asked Clinton how she stood on the Patent Reform Act of 2007 that will come up for a vote before the Senate in a few weeks.

Elsewhere in the story:

Spinucci alleges lobbyists for a group called The Coalition for Patent Fairness is "reforming a well-working, albeit imperfect, patent system, into one that fits their own interests.

"And that's everything but fair," Spinucci said. "Their assertions that the patent system is broken are completely untrue."

If Hillary were smart, she would jump on the union approach to patent reform: it's about American jobs. Especially since some of the IT folks have been doing a lot of outsourcing of jobs. Obama's PA tv ads talk about outsourcing of jobs, but his patent law position favors the people who are doing the outsourcing.

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