Friday, March 28, 2008

Pfizer patent chief arrested over child pornography

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Alan Hesketh, patent director of Pfizer Inc., at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Wednesday, March 26. British citizen Alan Hesketh is accused of posing as a 28-year-old woman while trading hundreds of images of children engaged in sex acts.

[from AP report of 28 March 08.]

The LawBlog at WSJ picked up the story:

[Hesketh] was then presented in U.S. District Court in Hartford on Thursday, March 27. Judge Donna F. Martinez scheduled a bond hearing for Monday.

If Hesketh is indicted and convicted, he reportedly faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison, a maximum of 20 years for receiving and distributing child pornography and a maximum of 10 years for possession of child porn. He also faces as much as $500,000 in fines.


Silobreaker reported: Hesketh is being held at Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, R.I., after a U.S. magistrate judge in U.S. District Court in Hartford ruled Monday at a pretrial detention hearing that he was at risk of fleeing the country and could pose a danger to the public. (...)

Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah R. Slater described Hesketh as a well-respected Pfizer executive with four grown children in England, a wife of 39 years, and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. For the past five years, that same man, she said, had been living another life online as a 28-year-old female named “Suzibibaby,” who traded, discussed and gained pleasure from images of infants and children engaged in sexual acts, some involving feces.

“He spoke almost as if he was Suzibibaby,” Slater said of Hesketh’s conversations with authorities, after he was arrested. “He said, ‘Suzi’s a good girl. Suzi doesn’t cause any trouble.’

IPBiz notes that Pfizer for years would not even interview candidates as patent attorneys who did not have
a Ph.D. in "organic chemistry."


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