Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On the Bessen/Meurer book

One commenter on a Bessen/Meurer post (related to their book) on Patently-O wrote:

I actually worked at a large (huge multinational) corporation. One of my jobs was to evaluate technology to decide whether to buy (license) or build. Part of the analysis was do they have IP protection.

I have also worked at and with start-ups for 25 years. The first job I had was with a software start-up in Boston. Now I am an attorney that protects IP.

Would anyone who has real experience with large corporations, IP, and start-ups take this book seriously? No. They have built a little model of the world that is not accurate and applied a silly methodolgy to get some title that will get some attention.

And, only a bunch of professors would have the time and ethics to produce a book like this.

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