Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hosteny's "The Cowardice of Anonymous Bloggers"

The March 2008 issue of Intellectual Property Today has an article by Joseph Hosteny entitled "The Cowardice of Anonymous Bloggers", which touches on (no surprise) the patent troll tracker blog. [See IPBiz post: Patent Troll Tracker is Cisco's Rick Frenkel]

The Hosteny article was apparently submitted before the Troll Tracker was unmasked as Cisco's Director of Intellectual Property. Hosteny wrote at page 35: Wouldn't it be nice to know if TrollTracker represents, for example, companies who are members of the misnamed Coalition for Patent Fairness?

The Hosteny article mentioned non-anonymous blogs, including IPBiz.

The Hosteny article also had an allusion to the Joe Jackson murders on December 6, 2006, in which a disgruntled truck driver/inventor (Jackson) killed his patent attorney (McKenna) and another patent attorney in downtown Chicago, an event covered by IPBiz.

The Hosteny article also mentioned Chester Carlson (inventor of xerography, whose idea was turned down by IBM three times), Alexander Graham Bell (recently unfavorably discussed in a book by Seth Shulman), Elias Howe, and Eli Whitney.

See also WSJ on Troll Tracker Frenkel


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