Monday, March 10, 2008

Do lawyers "say anything"?

On March 8, Law & Order re-broadcast "Quit Claim," originally aired on Feb. 6, which had so many themes and twists that it almost became a Mad Magazine parody of Law & Order.

One had an overall theme involving problems with subprime mortgages, and the scamming of unfortunate homeowners by people obtaining quitclaim deeds from said owners (and then re-selling the houses). The Mafia was involved, but in an unbelievable twist, the Mafia guys first were ripped off, and then all shot. The perp was a mild looking woman, who scammed her public defender, the FBI, and Homeland Security.

The "Orlando Legal Aid" clinic got a mention, and there was a line: "He's a man and a lawyer. He'd say anything."

Facial recognition software easily got to the bottom of one man's identity (Dennis Langdon) but failed as to Kim/Claire/January Jones. "Kim" tricked the grand jury, even as the Law & Order folks figured out her story to the grand jury was bogus.


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