Monday, March 10, 2008

Baseball and patent reform?

In Baseball, Steroids, and Patent Reform, one has the line:

While others at the water cooler expressed disbelief that our elected officials called Roger Clemens to testify, I cheered. I’m thrilled Congress is dealing with this issue. Do I really care about juiced-up pitchers? No, not really. I’m just happy Congress is focusing their energy on baseball and getting their minds off something they can really mess up, like “reforming” the patent system.


The proposed legislation, by lowering the value of patents, is bad for anyone that relies on patent protection to promote innovation, including the biotechnology industry, universities, and non-profit research institutes. It hurts investment in early stage technology, an important part of the Massachusetts economy.

Hmmm, "baseball and patent reform" --> "baseball and Ballantine"


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