Sunday, February 17, 2008

WARF licenses stem cell patents

The Badger Herald noted: WARF signed a nonexclusive licensing agreement with BioTime, Inc., a biotech company located in Emeryville, Calif.


Kelly said WARF was approached by BioTime about three months ago. BioTime’s executive director, Michael West, has had a professional relationship with Thomson since the researcher first isolated human embryonic stem cells in 1998.
Kelly added West has been “in frequent contact” with WARF over the past 10 years.
“Michael West has been a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine,” Kelly said. “WARF really appreciates his pioneering work and leadership in the field.”
West has entered into licensing agreements for stem cell technology before. As the founder of the Geron Corporation, West was the first commercial licensee of Thomson’s technology.

IPBiz notes that PubPat and FTCR challenged three of WARFs patents.


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