Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To Arnold: we are not jealous; CIRM is all yours!

Californiastemcellreport, in a post titled California Governor Says Invitrogen and Biotech Leading The Way , has a quote attributed to California's governor Schwarzenegger about the view of others toward California's Proposition 71 / CIRM:

The governor cited the $3 billion stem cell agency and its three-year-old grant program, the largest research effort for human embryonic stem cell research in the world.

"The rest of the world is somewhat jealous," he said.

Schwarzenegger added, "It's all about job creation."

IPBiz noted to californiastemcellreport and Schwarzenegger: We are not jealous. Our feeling is "better you than us." In a period of a bad economy, giving a few expensive jobs to researchers is not the job creation that will really help. IPBiz is more concerned about the "false pretenses" passed off on California Proposition 71voters concerning patent royalties. That now seems to be "gone with the wind."

Of Schwarzenegger choosing Invitrogen as his "poster child," those familiar with IPBiz will recall a few posts about Invitrogen, which is quite willing to strongly enforce the patents of Invitrogen. See for example:

In this simplistic view of the world, the patents of Invitrogen are "good" patents, but the patents of others, such as those of Thomsen / WARF are "bad" patents. Hmmm, sort of reminds one of the IT backers of patent reform, doesn't it?


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