Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Sampling and borrowing" in the legal sphere [?]

The Wesleyan Argus had some memorable lines on plagiarism:

“Emily Apter spoke really compellingly about how both legal and academic thinking about the production of art and ideas actually needs to catch up to the activities of artists and intellectuals themselves and embrace the basically plagiaristic quality of artistic production,” said Jason Kavett ’09

In writing

Simultaneously, the Internet is illuminating new uses and forms of collaboration and cooperation amongst academics, artists, entrepreneurs and the general public. Apter asked how and, more importantly, if Internet practices of “sampling and borrowing” should enter the legal sphere.

author Monica Achitoff-Gray shows herself to be way behind the curve of Tribe, Dershowitz, and Mike at TechDirt.

Like the Harvard Business Review said: Plagiarize with Pride!


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