Monday, February 11, 2008

Plagiarize con Orgullo

A SouthernIllinoisan reader commented on the Poshard matter:

Is Glenn Poshard a plagiarist? It is my opinion, Poshard took other people's ideas, said they were his own and never gave credit to those sources. This is plagiarism, just as any dictionary defines the term. SIU needs to appoint a board of fair, educated individuals to examine Poshard's dissertation, set the record straight and recommend a way to end this negative controversy. I can certainly understand, though, why Poshard does not want to give up his job. After all, not many people in Southern Illinois have an annual salary of approximately $295,000.

The SIU committee did find Poshard committed "unintentional plagiarism." Lots of people are already forgetting about this.
Ask Laurence Tribe.


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