Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ohio U. touts honor code, etc.

Dennis Irwin asserts that the Athens Post trivialized the Ohio U. honor code, and includes the following laundry list of make-work projects done by Ohio U.:

1. Electronically screening all theses and dissertations at both the draft and final stages, starting fall 2005 [Query: what is done when copying found? Is the screening capable of finding paraphrasing?]

2. Requiring a signed statement of originality to accompany theses and dissertations, starting fall 2005 [Query: review Princeton experience]

3. Requiring thesis and dissertation committees to include one non-Russ College faculty member for theses and two for dissertations, starting summer 2006 {Query: accomplishing what?]

4. Developing a mandatory graduate student orientation [Who cares?]

5. Requiring graduate students to take a technical writing course, starting fall 2006 [directed to what end, proper
footnoting or writing about complex subjects?]

6. Including measurement of the teaching of academic honesty principles in teaching evaluations [?]

7. Developing a broadly acceptable definition of plagiarism for the Russ College [Relevance of "broadly acceptable"?]

8. Appointing an academic honesty advisor for the Russ College, starting summer 2006 [accomplishing what?]

9. Providing resources via a new academic integrity Web site (www.ohio.edu/engineering/integrity)

10. Consulting with Don McCabe, Center for Academic Integrity founder, on best practices and our processes

11. Consulting with and sponsoring public lectures by Tim Dodd and Gary Pavela, both of whom are recognized as academic integrity experts

12. Holding a student academic honesty town hall meeting on the topic and discussing it quarterly in regular student town hall meetings

13. Holding faculty /staff town hall meetings and brown-bags on the topic

14. Holding academic honesty and /or writing excellence workshops for faculty

15. Developing graduate courses on teaching engineering

16. Presenting the Russ College experience and facilitating a dean’s roundtable at the nation’s premier annual academic integrity meeting, the Center for Academic Integrity Conference, in Oct. 2007

See also:

Honor code at Ohio U. won't resolve plagiarism problem

An IPBiz reader furnished the above-link, as well as to a sad article in C&E News. "Sad" is meant both as to the incident discussed and as to the mediocre quality of the reporting by C&E News, which somehow managed to avoid discussion of Schon, Hwang, Cha, or the ACS Task Force on Ethics.


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