Monday, February 18, 2008

Like to work at CIRM?

californiastemcellreport notes:

Under a proposal to be considered Wednesday [Feb. 20] by a subcommittee of the CIRM board of directors, the top salary range for the president would skyrocket more than $200,000 -- from $412,500 to $618,750.


CIRM is a tiny agency with only 26 employees, although it hands out grant money at a rate exceeding $20,000 an hour. It is limited by law to only 50 employees. Its operating budget this year is running about $8 million, abut $5.5 million of which is salaries.

The proposed pay raises would have no impact on the state budget. CIRM operates outside of the normal realm of state budget matters. CIRM's budget cannot be cut by the governor or the legislature. CIRM spending (which is financed by state bonds) is untouchable because of constitutional changes approved in Prop. 71. That fact is not likely to be understood by the public. Beyond that, the increases are a symbol of governmental profligacy that will not sit well with many persons, regardless of their position on stem cell research. The pay hikes will also hand another cudgel to foes of human embryonic stem cell research.

IPBiz note to Arnold: we in New Jersey are NOT jealous of CIRM, really!! Most of us our happy that our bond issue failed in November 2007, and, the more we hear from California, the happier we are.


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