Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Further comments on Feb. 8 arguments in Tafas v. Dudas

Patent Docs has some further comments from John White on the 8 Feb 08 hearing in Tafas v. Dudas concerning the injunction on implementation of the proposed rules on continuing applications. The last paragraph on patent docs included the text:

Although the Office’s “our way or the highway” attitude and demonization of both its “customers” and patent counsel is in keeping with at least the rhetoric coming from the current administration in other areas, the political appointees -- Jon Dudas, paradoxically -- are much less invested in having these rules, and their brethren the IDS and alternative claim language rules, put into practice. John speculated that, should Judge Cacheris rule against the PTO and the case go to the Federal Circuit, and should that Court not render a decision until the summer, the new rules would be unlikely to go into effect in any event, in deference to the new administration that will be in place next January. Of all the things he said today, that prospect was the most heartening to those of us who are happy Judge Cacheris granted the October 31st injunction.

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