Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another review of Shulman on Bell

In "Telephone Tag," Henry Petroski gives us one more book review of Shulman's "The Telephone Gambit."

Petroski sets up the story:

While reading Bell's 1875-76 notebook, which the Library of Congress has made available in high-resolution digital form on the World Wide Web, Shulman noticed a curious leap of inspiration after a 12-day hiatus in entries, a gap that coincided with an apparently sudden trip to Washington, D.C.

One also has:

[Shulman] leads us along his own research trail, recounting the daringness of setting out to challenge "generations of trained and respected historians," who have credited Bell with the invention of the telephone, and "confronting the failings of the U.S. legal system," which repeatedly ruled in favor of Bell and the monopoly that grew out of his patent.

One recalls the sloppy job that Shulman did with the story of the
Wright Brothers


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