Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Trentonian headlines "Gilmore Gate" on 1 Jan 2008

Outgoing Mayor Glen Gilmore of Hamilton, NJ made the front page of the January 1, 2008 issue of The Trentonian under the headline:

Gilmore Gate

with the sub-text: Why did outgoing mayor's staffers disable camera as they cleaned out office?

After learning that a security camera in township hall had been disabled, new mayor John Bencivengo called the Hamilton police. The Trentonian story continued:

When police showed up, they found one former Gilmore staffer and one soon-to-be-former township employee inside the offices there, and the camera in question had been disconnected.

The Trentonian reported that Gilmore later showed up, but was denied entry, on the basis that township hall was a closed crime scene.

The page 3 Trentonian headline was "Not caught on tape."

Of the concept of soon-to-former employees, Abraham Lincoln, the only president to receive a U.S. patent, did a rather thorough house-cleaning of the patent office after he took office as president.


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