Thursday, January 17, 2008

The naive leading the blind at California's CIRM?

Californiastemcellreport correlated "businesses applying for CIRM grants" with "business comfort with CIRM IP policy":

Fifteen businesses – perhaps some from outside of California – intend to seek grants from the California stem cell agency, a response that one agency watchdog says demonstrates that the private sector is "comfortable" with sharing stem cell wealth with the state.

Childlike naivete is becoming a trademark at californiastemcellreport. Maybe the blog and FTCR ought to study how the federal Bayh-Dole Act gets gamed, with patents derived from "basic" research [ie, not economically realistic] bearing a notation of federal rights, but with patents, of the same inventors, of more likely economic benefit, mysteriously not bearing a notation of federal rights. Just because people will take money for research is not the final answer to the question of "business comfort."

Of Simpson and FTCR, see also -->


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