Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vonage AND Nortel; AND AT&T

CNNMoney reports: Internet phone service provider Vonage Holdings Corp. (VG) and Nortel Networks Corp. (NT) are close to settling their patent spat, and under terms more favorable to Vonage than in other patent cases it settled this year.

A source familiar with the matter said Vonage and Nortel will cross-license each others' technology, which is used to make emergency calls or dial 411. Meanwhile, Vonage won't have to pay Nortel anything for any alleged unauthorized use of its technology.

Reuters reported on a DIFFERENT case: Internet phone service Vonage Holdings Corp said on Friday, Dec. 28 it agreed to settle a patent dispute with U.S. telephone giant AT&T Inc that calls on Vonage to pay AT&T up to $7.8 million a year.

Reuters also noted: Eastman Kodak Co. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd (MEI) agreed to settle their patent infringement claims, Kodak said in a regulatory filing on Friday, Dec. 28.


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