Saturday, December 29, 2007

U.S. forbids loose lithium batteries in baggage on air flights after 1 Jan 08

AP reports: To help reduce the risk of fires, air travelers will no longer be able to pack loose lithium batteries in checked luggage beginning Jan. 1, the Transportation Department said Friday, Dec. 28.

Passengers can still check baggage with lithium batteries if they are installed in electronic devices, such as cameras, cell phones and laptop computers. If packed in plastic bags, batteries may be in carryon baggage. The limit is two batteries per passenger. [The ban includes NON-rechargeable lithium batteries.]

The AP mentioned a fire at the Philadelphia airport ("The National Transportation Safety Board earlier this month said it could not rule out lithium batteries as the source of a cargo plane fire at Philadelphia International Airport last year."), but did not mention a fire at LAX.



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