Monday, December 03, 2007

Truncheon patent application rejected in 1857

Page 20 of the Dec. 2007 Scientific American has a picture of a spiked truncheon for which a US patent was denied in 1857. Readers are directed to

Page 30 has a discussion of a product of the company NoblePeak Vision of Wakefield, MASS: the TriWave nightglow vision camera which receives in the visible, the near-infrared AND the shortwave infrared.

Page 38 has a discussion of a genetic feedback loop in yeast, stated to be the first to be built in eukaryotes. The loop has two genes. When exposed to the sugar galactose, the yeast cell would activate the first gene. That gene would turn on a transcription factor that switched on the second gene. The second gene would make its transcription factor, which was designed to ratchet up the activity of the same gene that created it. The second gene kept making its transcription factor even when galactose was removed. See 15 Sept 07 issue of Genes & Development.


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