Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mark Lemley and AutoAdmit

Mark Lemley, the Stanford law prof who thinks Gary Boone invented the integrated circuit, was busy this summer in the AutoAdmit law suit, in which two female Yale law students, named as defendants 28 pseudonyms who allegedly posted defamatory and threatening content about the students:

Mark Lemley, says he isn’t pursuing Ciolli as an administrator. And that’s not a surprise. As an administrator, Ciolli would likely be protected under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, lawyers say. “We sued the people we have reason to believe posted the objectionable content,” Lemley wrote in an email. Yet he also wrote, “There is no specific reference to Ciolli as one of the posters in the complaint as filed.” from

There was an amended complaint on 8 Nov. 2007.


It's good to see that Professor Lemley is finding topics of profundity comparable to his "Ending Abuse" paper to occupy his time.


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