Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogging for dollars?

AP has an article which includes the text:

The site,, is just a year and a half old and gets only about 2,000 readers daily, but it's already earning him [Zach Brooks] enough each month for a weekend trip to the Caribbean — or in his case, more fat-filled culinary escapades in the city.


It's no longer unusual for blogs with just a couple thousand daily readers to earn nearly as many dollars a month. Helping fill the pockets of such bloggers are programs like Google's AdSense and many others that let individuals — not just major publications — tap into the rapidly growing pot of advertising dollars with a click of the mouse.


Brooks only spends two hours at most each day on But the blog affects his life in other ways. Like Chi, he's met close friends through his site. He has also scored freelance writing assignments, and, above all, the site has given his endless fascination with greasy foods a sense of validation.

IPBiz notes that there is likely more interest in lunches served for $10 or less, in midtown Manhattan ( preferably greasy, and if lucky, served from a truck), than in intellectual property. Maybe that shouldn't be the case, but folks in midtown Manhattan are more likely to eat lunch than encounter a patent, even though they are impacted by more patents, on a daily basis, than they are by pastramis-on-rye.


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